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Od roku 1975 firma SMG zajmuje się produkcja nowoczesnych maszyn przeznaczonych do układania syntetycznych nawierzchni sportowych. Ponadto oferujemy profesjonalne maszyny i urzadzenia do czyszczenia i pielegnacji sztucznych nawierzchni oraz ich renowacji. Nieprzerwanie od ponad 40 lat SMG oferuje szeroki wybor maszyn, a dzieki zebranemu i stale rozwijanemu doswiadczeniu jest pionierem w produkcji specjalistycznych maszyn w budownictwie sportowym. Zapytaj nas, a my będziemy wiedzieli, co jest faktycznie możliwe.

Maszyny do układania, czyszczenia i pielęgnacji nawierzchni sportowych

SMG produkuje maszyny budowlane przeznaczone do profesjonalnego układania bezfugowych, trwale elastycznych nawierzchni sportowych na najwyższym poziomie. Nasze mieszalniki, rozkladarki i maszyny do natrysku sprawdzaja sie w budowie nawierzchni wewnetrznych jak i zewnetrznych. Maszyny SMG ulatwiaja wykonanie nawierzchni na placach zabaw, jak i na wiekszych stadionach do lekkoatletyki z certyfikatem IAAF. Wszystkie maszyny i urzadzenia przystosowane sa do roznego rodzaju granulatow gumowych i środków wiążących, powrzechnie stosowanych w budowie syntetycznych nawierzchni sportowych. .. Czytaj dalej

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Maszyny do układania, czyszczenia i pielęgnacji nawierzchni z trawy syntetycznej

SMG produkuje narzędzia, urządzenia i maszyny do budowy nawierzchni z trawy syntetycznej. W ofercie mozna znalezc wózki do rozwijania rolek trawy, jak rowniez narzędzia tnące, oraz przede wszystkim profesjonalne maszyny do wcierania piasku/ granulatu gumowego w nawierzchnie z trawy syntetycznej. .. Czytaj dalej

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Niektóre z naszych maszyn w akcji


» Bonjour Nadine,
I would like to thank you forleting me experience the SMG toools. By the way they are fantastic. I used all the tools to do my job and they really help me in a positive way. «


» Dear Mr. Daniel/ Ms. Nadine/ Ms. Mariem

We are so proud of all of you and all of SMG staff. We used to get an excellent, quick and active support from you.

Your actions of this prompt support is highly appreciated by me and all XXX. Ltd. staff as well. Hope this relationship will continue forever. «

Saudi Arabia

» Dear Tobias and Mariem,


I must comment on your excellent and prompt responsiveness!
It's a pleasure working with you guys…

Many Thanks «


» Johann,
thank you very much for coming to the USA to do the grinding job personally. I hope you find your SMG machine in good order. I am very impressed that you did this work for us. «


» I am Mr. XXX from XXX company in Saudi Arabia. We'r started our business effectively two years ago.

We had to use a lot of Chinese machines and Turkish. Unfortunately, the machines are very bad,and now we have heard through some of the neighboring businesses that the company is currently the best company, and we want to do business with you that you may do so. «

Saudi Arabia

» I am very satisfied with M5000 mixer and it works flawlessly. «

» Dear All,
I wish to inform you, that today is my last day in XXX Company.
I will always remember cooperation with you as very nice and profesionall (at least from your side) «


» Dear Tobias,
my best wishes to you. I have not been in contact with you for quite a while. We would like to get a LineCutter as soon as possible. I have sent numerous companies to you for the purchase of your tools, they are the best tools in the turf industry. Noone should ever install a turf field without an SMG LineCutter and tell everyone that. «


» Dear Daniel,
We write to inform you that we have recieved the parts you sent to us.
We also write to express our appreciation to you and the SMG group, for the confidence you have on us. We thank you all, and we are very grateful. «


» Sehr geerhter Herr Owegeser,
im Rahmen unseres mangelhaften Kunstrasenplatzes in XXX hatten Sie uns auf pragmatischem Wege sowohl mit Fachwissen beraten als auch maschinell unterstützt. Wir möchten es keinesfalls versäumen, uns hierfür ausdrücklich bei Ihnen zu bedanken. Gerne setzen wir die bereits langjährig bestehende Geschäftsbeziehung zu Ihrem Hause fort. «


» Nadine,
Thank you for your quick response on my question. The order looks great. Many thanks to you and Daniel for all your help and patience. ....
I want to thank you again, it's always a pleasant experience working with SMG.
Kind Regards,

» Dear Nadine,
our guy in Fresno, CA really thought Daniel and Tobias were great guys. Thank them for their help for me; and for their trip out west. The 2 component machine worked really well. The guys like their new SMG
Toys. «


» Dear Sirs,

I want to thank everyone on a good job you guys did on packing and shipping the container to me.

Everything was still in good shape. I also liked my name you put on the snow blower plastic. It will come in handy this winter. So take care!!!!! Thanks, «


» Hi Nadine,
Just wanted to drop you a email saying thanks for your help with the ordering of the parts ,I know it s been awhile.Just wanted to say thanks again you were a huge help and a pleasure to work with. «


» Thank you so much for your diligence. We have reached a conclusion. Hallelujah !!!! Looking forward to further business together with SMG. «


» Nadine,
Just received notification that the machine arrived in New York and has cleared customs.
Thank you so much for all your help with everything from our first phone call. «


» Dear Tobias,
in our projects - for the moment we can not buy your products. to my regret. With regard to your help - I want to express my great appreciation to you and thank you for everything you have done. knowledge - this is the most
best money. Thank you for answering my questions. «


» Good morning Tobias,

Thank you very much for your support to training the machine. You did an amazing training for all our team.

Please find attached picture .

Thank you



Vikasan Thekkayil

» Hi Daniel,

Thanks for all the information. You knowledge and wealth of information is unparalleled. You really know your stuff!



» Daniel,
Thank you much my friend for your help with this matter, as you know I try to keep our equipment in good clean manner at all times. I will test all elements when I get them to replace and let you know. Again I thank you my friend for your help. «


» Dear Ms. Nadine Suffa (Sales overseas) on behalf of Mr. Daniel Owegeser
I am so much happy for this confidence given to us from SMG. Great thanks and appreciation to SMG for this quick support for the spare parts needed. «

Saudi Arabia

» Hello Nadine,
Good looking crew. We are all anxiously awaiting our new toys from SMG. It was so nice to have Johann on our jobsite in Las Vegas last week, He got our P928 working properly. Please give him many thanks again from us. «


» Dear Daniel,
You know, its always a proud to wear SMG stuff and show off to other running track competitors that I have owned the best machine from SMG. «


» Dear Nadine,
thank you for your message and for proforma invoice. We will send you money soon. And i want to express you my thankfulness for your active and effective work. «


» Dear Sirs,
we would like to express our sincere thanks to SMG for your hospitality during our visit, and wish to strengthen our cooperation in China's sports facilities market in fufure. «


» Nadine,
When the SMG machinery arrives I usually look at it before we unpack everything. I am always impressed by the great amount of care SMG takes in packing the machinery. Custom pallets, etc. Quality outfit, quality products. Great people also, the most important part of any business. «


» Dear Mr. Daniel,
Thanks for giving such a wonderful and positive thought to our proposal. We
would be more than happy to work with you extreme organization and hope for
wonderful future. «


» Thanks Daniel,
Quick to reply and easy to work with as usual. Great work!

Thank you and kind regards,

» After working with SMG since 1996 we are very satisfied with your very reliable products. «




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